California Employers Services

California Employers Services is the right choice for your all of your compliance needs.

Not only should you get your money worth, but you also should want to know that you got the best value for your dollar.

With that in mind, allow us to explain why California Employer Services is the best choice for any company that needs to ensure they are in compliance with California Labor Laws and Cal-OSHA standards. Keep reading to see why we are the consultants you need to avoid outrageous fines and penalties.

Our Experience

  • With 20 years of experience working with employers and the state officials, we have the knowledge it takes to ensure you are in compliance and that you stay in compliance with California Labor Laws and Cal-OSHA standards
  • Our experience has resulted in us not only knowing and understanding the laws but has also allowed us to determine exactly how the government officials enforce the law.

We Work In The Field

  • At California Employer Services, we believe the only way to properly do our job is to be out in the field with our members.  
  • Our work in the field allows us to provide personalized experience so you know exactly what laws and standards apply to you.
  • Because of our contact with enforcement officers so we can resolve problems quicker than our competition

We Go To Battle For You

  • Because of our experience and our work in the field, we are in a position to save California employers thousands of dollars in unnecessary fines and penalties.

We Defend You So You Can Defend Against Cal-OSHA

  • Our comprehensive employee handbook, coupled with our monthly newsletters will allow you to stay on top of your compliance needs without the headache of deciphering legal jargon.
  • With our personalized and extensive coverage, we have saved employers thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars:
    1. Our longest standing member of 15 years saved $2.5 million dollars because of our employee handbook
    2. An automotive repair shop in Covina saved $50,000 in potential fines with Cal-OSHA.
    3. A cabinet company in Madera saved several thousands of dollars in fines because we had them compliant.

Our Network Of Attorneys

  • We also have access to a great network of Cal-OSHA and California Labor Law Attorneys that are available to all of our members if they require legal representation
  • Our attorneys have successfully fought and won countless cases against the enforcement arm of OSHA, and the Department of Labor. 

Attorney Written Employee Handbook

  • Finally, and likely the most important reason that you should choose California Employer Services is due to our incredibly detailed attorney written employee handbook.  
  • We also provide a written Illness & Injury Prevention Program that is customized to the specific business that you own and operate.  We make sure you are covered from start to finish even with just our basic membership.

As the owner, these days I spend a lot of time conducting seminars speaking for different trade associations.  I am also a past President of the ASCCA (Automotive Service Councils of California) chapter 25 here in Fresno, California.  Finally, I have also spoken at the California Monument Association and the California Tow Truck Association.

For the reasons above, we believe that California Employer Services should be your only stop for any compliance-related issues in the state of California.  We live by the motto; people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.  Contact us today for more information.