Safety Training Documentation will always be one of the very first things that a Cal-OSHA enforcement officer will ask for should your company be involved in a Cal-OSHA inspection.

The above video gives you an idea of the kind of training that will help you comply with Cal-OSHA and provide an environment that will be free from accidents.  Safety Training is one of the most important things that you can do as an employer can do.  Safety Training should be done on a regular basis.  A general rule of thumb is once a quarter however, if you are in the construction industry you must be doing this every ten days.  A lot of construction companies do their training weekly and some construction companies actually do it daily. Safety training is also part of the Cal-OSHA standards required in order for your safety program otherwise know as you Illness and Injury Prevention Program to be compliant.

In the old days many employers would do videos and spend about an hour per safety training topic, and in those days that is what Cal-OSHA wanted to see.  However these days Cal-OSHA feels that short and informative meetings are more effective.  OSHA also feels that Safety is kind of like a virus that employee catch as they are being exposed to a safety conscious environment.

When should employers do Safety Training aside from quarterly or monthly or every ten days as described above?

  • Whenever there has been a safety violation
  • Whenever there has been an accident
  • Whenever you find a hazard in the workplace
  • Whenever new equipment is introduced into the facility 
  • Whenever the company hires a new employee

There are some basic safety training topics that should be covered annually and they are as follows:

  • Proper lifting procedures
  • Hazardous Communication Training
  • Teaching your employee how to read Safety Data Sheets
  • Reporting of accidents or injuries on the job

It is always wise to document the safety training by having your employees sign off on the training material.  If you do own a construction company you will want to do training when ever you start a new job site. Each job site has its own set of hazards that employees need to be equipped to deal with.  The best way for employees to be prepared is if they are trained.  Making sure that you are doing your safety training is a big part of any companies General Safety Program.  Making sure that your employees are properly trained will result in less accidents which will result in a lower workers compensation rate, and that can save you thousands of dollars each year.

Now while construction companies need to be doing safety training every ten days other companies like Automotive Repair, Auto-body Shops and other occupations that get their hands dirty need to be doing Safety Training every 30 days.  One of the best times to conduct your company’s Safety Training is right after you have done one of your Hazard Inspection Walkthroughs.  The reason being is you have just spent the time doing a walk-thru and you  have found some safety violations.  All employees should be made aware of these violations and then have a Safety Training session that will cover all of the Hazards that came to light during your inspection.

Safety Training

Safety Training can take many forms:

Safety Videos like the one above
Safety Training Topics covering specific job related topics.
You can hire a company to come out to your company or job site and do your training for you.

Which ever way that you choose to do it does not matter just remember to do it.  If you are not doing Safety Training on a regular basis, that meets the requirements of your Safety Program and or your specific industry Cal-OSHA will fine you.  Should one of your employees be involved in an accident, and it is discovered that you are not doing Safety Training you could be hit with a willful violation which will leave you open to a higher fine from the enforcement officer.  On top of that should you get hit with a willful violation it will be very difficult for you to defend yourself, which could lead to a civil lawsuit after the workers compensation case is resolved.

So as the old saying goes it is always better to be safe than sorry.  In addition to all of the above the biggest incentive to be safe is the fact that it could save an employee’s life, and that is what makes it all worthwhile.  We encourage our members to develop the mindset that says think safe and be safe. In addition to that taking the time to develop and safety aware job site will reduce the likelihood of an accident happening.  And, this is good news for employers; the reason being is with less accidents the lower your workers compensation rates will be which can add big dollars to the company’s profits. In addition to all of the above should Cal-OSHA come and do an inspection of your company’s job site there will be less fines.

As you can see taking the time necessary to develop a safety culture is worth the effort and can even reward the company with increased profits and lower your business expense as well.

California Employers Services is always here to help if you would like some Safety Training Topics just give us a call and we will help you.  We have well over 500 different Safety Training Topics.