Labor Law Posters change every year and every year employers need to take the time to make sure that their labor law poster are current.

These posters explain many of the rights of employees as well as provide important information such as who your workers compensation carrier is.  


These posters also tell employees when the paydays are, like they do not already know.  Employers also need to know that simply buying the latest Labor Law Posters is not enough you must fill out all of the blank spaces.  These areas contain information that is specific to your company and if you fail to fill out these areas you can be fined for not having all of the information needed.

There are several places that these Labor Law Posters can be found including in some cases your workers compensation carrier.  If you do score a free set somewhere take a moment and make sure that you have gotten both the state and the federal postings.  Having one without the other is of no use to you as a whole.

Make sure the the Labor Law Posters are located in a place the the employee go on a regular basis.  If you have both men and women working with you the men’s room will not work.  However, many employers like to put them in the lunch room which is a great place for them.

If you are in the construction industry you might consider having a set in each work vehicle this would become especially necessary if the work vehicle could be considered the office.  In other words if the employee drives his work vehicle home and then goes straight to the field and is very rarely in the field then you would need to provide him or her a set of labor law posters for the work vehicle. If you don’t want to have them in the company vehicle than you may want to have them on the job site.

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Some of our members have had some questions about the Labor Law Poster, so we would like to leave you with just the faqs.

Labor Law Posters Faq

Q. Where must my labor law poster be displayed?

A. Your postings need to be displayed where employees can see them.  This means that the posting must be in a place like the break room.

Q. What if I have employees who work in the field or on a construction job site?

A. Some postings must be a specific size, and so when posting these postings on the job site you need to make sure that the postings are the right size.  If the employee spends all day at the job site then the postings must be posted there.

Q. May I use electronic versions of the notices to meet posting requirements?

A. Physical labor law posters is the only way to meet your labor law posting requirements. The Department of Labor has stated on their website that they are “…currently studying whether electronic means could be used to satisfy notice posting obligations. But for right now, the physical posting of paper notices is required.”

Q. If we have more than one building at our company location, may we display posters only at the main building, or do we have to have them in every building?

A. The bottom line is that the postings must be seen by all employees on a regular basis. So if the employees from both buildings gather on a regular basis then yes having the postings in that building will work.

Q. Do we have to have any of our posters in Spanish?

No, for the most part.

Q. Is there a specific place where I must display posters for employees?

A. They should be displayed in a common area such as a lunch room, break room, conference room, employee lounge, kitchen, near a time clock, any location employees are likely to frequent daily and view them.

Q. Do employers need to fill in information on some state posters?

A. Yes, this information in needed to make the postings complete. The information required is usually company specific. Things like when is you pay day. Who is your workers compensation carrier, all of this must be filled out..

Q. What if my state’s minimum wage is higher than the  federal minimum wage? Do We still have to display the federal minimum wage poster?

In a word yes.

Q. Can I be fined if I don’t have a poster?

A. Yes you may be fined up to $7,000.00 for not having your state and federal postings posted.