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Why don’t we just get to the heart of the matter? Why Should you as an employer care about being in compliance with both Cal-OSHA and Labor Law issues?

  • There are over 180,000 websites advising employees how to sue their employers. They do this by targeting the areas that most employers fail to comply with, and let employees or anyone else for that matter know what these areas are and how to exploit them.
  • The laws have changed so much in just the last two years no employer in their right mind who knew about these changes would do anything else but get in compliance.
  • Below is a couple of very short YouTube videos that anyone can access. These videos will demonstrate what I have just said, after all you don’t know me or California Employers Services, so I want you to know two things about us, we care about and fight hard for employer rights. Number two we have found a way to make compliance easy and it is working.