Keeping Compliance Simple With Cal-OSHA California Labor Laws

California employers are desperately looking for a way to get their business in compliance with both Cal-OSHA and the California Labor Laws.  There are many pieces of training that need to be done on an annual basis, as well as certain policies that must be in place if an employer wants to be in compliance.

This article will give you a simple plan to help you do what you need to do throughout the year to be compliant.

New Employees

  • Hand out the Employee Handbook along with the new forms that come with the new Employee Handbook that we introduced this year.  Make sure employees sign all forms as well as the employee acknowledgment of receipt for the Employee Handbook.
  • Hand out the Companies Codes of Safe Practice.  This is section two of your Illness and Injury Prevention Program.  If you look in the tab called New Employee you will see that you are to conduct an initial safety training orientation.  The acknowledgment of receipt form for the codes of safe practice is in that section under new employee.
  • Make sure to have the employee also sign all of the forms that come with the employee handbook that we sent including the Sexual Harassment Policy.
  • Make sure that you have handed out all of the forms that apply in the new hire packet that we have provided for you when you first signed up and then we send you a new one every year on the cd that we send out each year during your renewal month.

Additional California Compliance Needs

  • Make sure that you are doing monthly safety training topics.  If you work in an office setting only, then quarterly will suffice. But if you are the construction industry you need to be doing safety training every 10 days, if you are in the automotive repair industry then every 30 will suffice.  Any job where people get theirs hands dirty need to do safety training once every 30 days.
  • Make sure you are doing your Heat Illness Prevention Training every year
  • Make sure that you post your Cal-OSHA 300 log from February to April every year.
  • Make sure that once a year you are doing your anti-harassment and discrimination training every year.
  • Each year you should be handing out the updated employee handbook that we send out with your renewal cd
  • Once a year make sure that you are conducting a safety training on hazardous materials training.
  • Remember that employers are supposed to be in the process of moving from MSDS Sheets to the new format called Safety Data Sheets.
  • When an employee leaves your company it is wise to use the termination packet that we provide to do his/her final paycheck.  When both you and the employee sign that form it becomes a contract.  The benefit of this is that if it turns out that you did not pay the employee all that is owed you in most cases will not be penalized for it.  The penalty is a day’s wages until the issue gets resolved.

CES Today supplies all of the above to tools to our membership during the course of the year for the purpose of ensuring that our clients can comply.  Cal-OSHA Consulting firms have become a needed part of compliance with both OSHA and California Labor Laws.  Should you have any questions please give us a call we love questions, and we love to help our clients make compliance easy.