This California Compliance Test Will Let You Know If You Are Complying With The Labor Laws California And Cal-Osha Regulations!

Compliance with Cal-OSHA Regulations and Labor Laws California is something business owners can no longer afford to ignore.  For years employers have for the most part just ignored compliance.  Well those days are now gone.

The reason why is very simple non-compliance just cost to much.  Both Labor Laws California and Cal-OSHA Regulations have not only gotten more stringent but they are much more costly with fines ranging from $15,000.00 to $50,000.00 it is just to costly to take a chance.

Taking the time to take this California Compliance Test will give you a good idea of where your compliance strengths and weakness are!  And that is a good thing because knowledge is power.

California Compliance Test Will Begin With The California Labor Laws

  1. Do you have the latest State and Federal Postings?
  2. Do you have a current Employee Handbook?
  3. Do you have your Employee Handbook Reviewed Annually?
  4. Have you established your company’s At-Will Status correctly?
  5. Is your company’s At-Will Status somewhere between pages 1-3 in your Employee Handbook?
  6. Are you conducting annual Sexual Harassment Training, doing the management training if you have more than 50 employees?
  7. Is your Sexual Harassment Policy somewhere between pages 3-5 in your Employee Handbook?
  8. Do you have a Anti-Hostile Work Environment Policy in your Employee Handbook?
  9. Do you have a Social Media Policy that explains the do’s and don’ts when your employees are on their favorite Social Media?
  10. Do you have verbiage that says “Up to and Including?”  If you do you have just destroyed your Company’s At-Will Status.
  11. Does your Employee Handbook have the proper No Expectation of Privacy Policy?
  12. Does your Employee Handbook address the Paid Sick Leave Policy Properly?
  13. Does your Employee Handbook have a policy that says if you do not work the day before or the day after a paid Holiday that you will not be paid for that Holiday?  (If you do it is now illegal with the passage of the California Paid Sick Leave Law!)
  14. If you pay a bonus that is based on a form of “Piece Rate” are you making sure that you are paying your employees rest periods correctly?
  15. Do you have the nine items that must be included on all employees pay stubs?
  16. When you terminate your employees do you pay them immediately?
  17. If your employee quits are you paying them their final wages which includes unused vacation time within 72 hours?
  18. Have you spelled out in your Employee Handbook which method you are using concerning the new California Paid Sick Leave Law?
  19. If tools are required by the employee to perform the job, are you paying double the minimum wage?
  20. Are you sure that you have properly classified your exempt employees?
  21. Is your Employee Handbook updated with the new Pregnancy Disability Law?
  22. Does Your Employee Handbook have a Internet Usage Policy that would include the proper use of Emails?
  23. Do you have all employees sign an acknowledgement receipt form upon receiving the Company Employee Handbook
  24. Are you filling out all of the area’s all your State and Federal Posting that must be filled out by the employer? (Such as the Payday Notice, The Workers Compensation Information, and the Emergency Numbers.)

Let’s be honest most employers in California have not taken the necessary steps to make sure that their Employee Handbook will protect them in the event of an employee lawsuit.  Should you have any questions we would love to talk with you and help you to protect your rights.

California Compliance Test Moves On To Cal-Osha Compliance/Cal-Osha Regulations

Over just the last two years Cal-OSHA has totally changed.  Sadly most employers are not aware of those changes.  The reason for this is that Cal-OSHA has changed the enforcement procedures that are going on in the field.  We have been seeing outrageous fines like never before and we are hearing of teams of enforcement going through many times up and down the state of California. All of this leads me to advise all employers that now is the time to comply with all Labor Laws California and all of Cal-OSHA Regulations.

Today Cal-OSHA  feels that compliance is almost impossible if employers do not have a consulting company working with them to help them.  Cal-OSHA  does not feel that an employer could write an effective Safety Program, and even if the employer could Cal-OSHA does not believe that the employer would be able to enforce it.

  1. Do you have all of the Cal-OSHA postings that are required by law?
  2. Do you have a formally written Safety Program/Illness and Injury Prevention Program?
  3. Does your formally written Safety Program meet all of the Cal-OSHA Standards?
  4. Are you doing everything that your Safety Program/Illness Injury Prevention Program says that you will do?
  5. Can you document that you are doing all of the things your Safety Programs says you will do in writing?
  6. Is your Safety Officer Named in your Illness and Injury Prevention Program?
  7. Are you conducting Periodic Inspections of your facility?
  8. Are you doing Safety Training that you can document?
  9. Are you Posting your Cal-OSHA  300 log from February to April?
  10. Are you filing those Cal-OSHA 300 logs for reference for up to six years?
  11. Do you  have your employees sign an acknowledgement and receipt for the Company’s Codes of Safe Practice?
  12. Have you updated your Safety Program in the last year?
  13. If you work in Confined Spaces have you developed a Confined Space Program, and trained your employees on it?
  14. Do you have an Emergency Action Plan in writing?
  15. Do you have a current Heat Illness and Injury Prevention Program?
  16. Is you Heat and illness Prevention Program current with the newest Cal-Osha Regulations?
  17. Are you doing training for your Heat Illness and Injury Prevention Program?
  18. Are you Safety Programs available for all employee to refer to should they want to?


California Compliance Test Has Now Ended Food For Thought Concerning the Cal-OSHA, and Labor Laws California: if you think compliance with them is difficult try explaining why you are not!

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