Avoid Headaches With Cal OSHA Consultations

Compliance with Cal-OSHA is much harder today that what it was in 1997 the year that we started CES Today.  California Labor Laws are also a challenge to comply with.  Our goal has always been to help employers not only get in compliance but also stay there.

Cal-OSHA Consultation today might be the service that can save your business.  Labor Laws California and Cal-OSHA Standards are much more complex than ever before. In times gone by employers could, for the most part, get and stay in compliance on their own.  Today that is not true.  

In today’s world Cal-OSHA would prefer to talk with a Cal-OSHA Consultant, more than the employer of the business.  The reason for this is simple, employers by and large to not have a clue on how to comply. Employers may want to, but the standards have just gotten to be so big that as far as the employer is concerned compliance is like eating an elephant with no instructions on where or how to start.

Committed to Saving California Businesses

At California Employers Services we feel it is our job to not just get employers in compliance to but help them understand what they must do to stay there.  Everything that we do is to help make compliance easy.

Understanding what the California Laws and the Cal-OSHA Standards are as well as how these laws are enforced is the key for us to make compliance easy.  Most Cal-OSHA Consultants know what the laws are but many lacks in the area of understanding how they will be enforced in the field.  Because we understand both areas, we have been able to save employers thousands of dollars in both fine and penalties, and sometimes save your business from being completely dissolved.

Larger Cal OSHA Fines

Today when you get a visit from an enforcement officer your business will probably be fined.  When this happens, the enforcement officer will tell you that it is in your best interest to appeal every fine.  All of that may be good advice but if you do not have a compliant Illness and Injury Prevention Program there is no appeal you can file, and guess what most employers do not have one, nor do they know how to enforce or implement one.

One of the reasons why we have been able to save so many employers so much money in relation to fines and penalties is because our Illness and Injury Prevention Program will meet all of the eight standards required by law.

In days gone by Cal-OSHA Consultants would fill an employer’s Safety Program with a host of things that looked good but was not really related in many cases to what the employer was doing.  For many years OSHA would allow this but those days are gone.  In today’s world if you are not doing what your Safety Program says that you will do you may be fined.  The same can be said if you cannot document that you are doing these things in writing.

By and large, most employers do not document anything, and that is one of the reasons why there are so many fines.  Should you have any questions after reading this, we would love to hear from you.  Remember the good news is there is someone out there that can help make compliance easy as well as protect your rights as an employer.