Why do Employers need to comply with California Labor Laws, and Cal-OSHA Standards?

  • Cal-OSHA has changed the field enforcement procedures allowing them to assess more fines to more employers

  • The Department of Labor has implemented new complex labor laws. California Attorneys say these new laws are an employee lawsuit waiting to happen.

  • Cal-OSHA has increased fines by over 80%

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California Labor Laws & Cal-OSHA Regulations

Cal-OSHA Field Enforcement Procedures Have Changed Resulting In Mandatory Compliance For All Employers Regardless Of The Number Of Employees.


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  • Customized Safety Program
  • Customized Heat and Illness Prevention Program
  • Monthly Safety Training Topics
  • Cal-OSHA Consulting Hot Line
  • Cal-OSHA  Postings
  • Annually onsite inspections upon request

New Cal-OSHA Requirements

  • Employers with only one employee must do everything that the Cal-OSHA Standards require.
  • The ten employee exemption applies only to documentation of your hazard inspections.
  • The documentation exemption does not mean you do not have to do the inspections and prove that you have done.
  • Documentation is key do not be deceived

Cal-OSHA Fines

  • Cal-OSHA has new enforcement procedures.
  • You must now document that you are doing everything that your safety programs say you are doing.
  • In November of 2016 fines were increased by 80%
  • Cal-OSHA has been mandated by the Feds to assess more serious fines on employers who do not comply.

HR Resources

  • Customized Attorney Written Employee Handbook
  • New Hire Packages (Updated Annually)
  • Termination Packages (Updated Annually)
  • Employers Hotline
  • State and Federal Postings
  • Compliance Strategies that will fit your companies needs

California Employers Services Can Help!

We work hard to take the complexity out of our California Labor Law/Cal-OSHA Small Business Consulting Solutions. We replace the complexity with simplicity so that every employer can get in, and then stay in compliance.

  • Since 1997 we have been making compliance easy.
  • Not only do we know the laws but we know how they are being enforced.
  • Everything that we provide is customized to your business.

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