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California Labor Laws & Cal-OSHA Regulations

Cal-OSHA Field Enforcement Procedures Have Changed Resulting In Mandatory Compliance For All Employers Regardless Of The Number Of Employees.


Cal-OSHA Fines will Increase By 80% effective 2016 (Federal Osha has raised their rates and is demanding Cal-OSHA to raise theirs)

Osha Requirements

Now, if you only have one employee, you must document in writing that your Safety Program addresses the eight Cal-OSHA requirements and that you are doing them.

Cal-Osha Fine

Failing to perform the duties that your Safety Program says you will do may cause your company to be assessed for a willful violation and a $25,000 fine.


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We work hard to take the complexity out of our California Labor Law/Cal-OSHA Small Business Consulting Solutions. We replace the complexity with simplicity so that every employer can get in, and then stay in compliance.

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